A Little Humor

You can certainly tell that the school year is quickly approaching around here. Fall sports are in full swing, and I feel like we are running from one place to another all the time. Yesterday, Molly left for cheer camp. This mama struggles sending the kids away, but I know she’s having fun.

And just because I think she’s pretty cool, check this out. What can I say? The girl’s got skills. (She’s in the white t-shirt.)

The rest of our day was spent getting things done for the upcoming football season, followed by a little preseason scrimmage. Good stuff!

I’m happy to report that I survived yesterday’s workout. Yasso 800′s times 4. This type of workout was created by Bart Yasso (Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World), to predict marathon times. There seems to be conflicting opinions out there on its benefits. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my favorite! The first two rounds were not too bad, but by the last two, I was done. The first thing I did when I got home was look at the schedule to see when I have to do those again. Luckily, they only come once every couple of weeks. I’m willing to stick with it for this marathon training, but I would be interested in hearing anyone’s opinion on them. I think they wore me out because last night I crashed hard!

Today’s workout- 4 mile easy run and the Runner’s World Iron Strength Workout. Watch out! I think I’m ready to move up to a 6 pound weight.

A couple of days ago, Janae shared some funny marathon spectator signs. Last night I found a few more, so I thought I’d leave you with these.

These are from androshchuk.com