Easy Pace and Long Runs

Happy Friday! Today’s workout was a 4 mile run at an easy pace, followed by this arm workout and this ab workout from Blonde Ponytail. She has some great workouts over there!

So yesterday, I mentioned that one thing I took away from my last marathon training was that I was consistently training too fast. I’ve done a lot of reading on training, and most experts will tell you that your long run should be done at a “slower than goal pace”. The purpose of the long run is to get your body used to going the distance, while easy pace runs should be just that- easy! You should not be worn out at the end if an easy pace run. They allow you to get more miles in to boost training volume, but should not leave you worn out for harder workouts. Even knowing this, I had a hard time following the plan! I ran each run as fast as I could comfortably run, hoping that if I consistently trained fast, I would be fast. I figured if I did my 20 miles run at an 8:05 per mile pace, then surely I can do 26 miles at that pace. Well, marathon day came, and I was ready. I planned to run with the 8:00/ mile pace group and held on with no problems until mile 13. Then things just got hard. I was still able to finish with my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but not in the way I had hoped. It made me take a different look at training.

I came across a training plan from Women’s Running magazine to help achieve a Boston qualifier. I cut it out and stuck it in my Running Binder.

I love this plan because it tells you exactly what pace you should do for all your runs! Although I still have a hard time believing in the “run slower” mentality, I am choosing this plan for my training. Why? Because I’m curious to see if it makes a difference. I’m kind of a nerd like that. But that’s okay.

(I still have not made an official announcement about an October marathon, but stay tuned….).

Have a great Friday, thank for checking in.