Ready for More!

Today is a rest day. I’ll be packing up my running shoes and getting ready for tomorrow’s early morning drive to Chicago. I usually don’t stress over packing, and just throw everything in a suitcase, but I have been obsessively keeping a list of what I need to bring. How awful to get there and realize I forgot my Garmin or favorite socks, etc.

Our first stop when we arrive in Chicago will be to the race expo. I’m so excited for this because I hear the Rock’n Roll expos are sweet! A runner’s paradise?! Can’t wait!

I’m already thinking about a few more races to finish out this year. I’ve been checking out the Indianapolis Marathon. It’s close enough but would still require a hotel stay, which gets $$$ quick. Have to wait and see on that one. I’d like to hear from anyone who has done that one before. I’m planning on doing the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon. I’ve never done this one, but it’s in town during a great time of year, so it should be fun!

That’s it for today! Have a great Friday!