Ways to Be a Better Runner Without Running

Happy Wednesday! I first want to thank everyone for checking out my new little blog. I never thought this was something I would venture into, and I certainly was not expecting people to come read it. I’m still learning and trying to get things on the blog looking the way I want, so hopefully you will gradually see improvements around here!

Okay, let’s talk running! Today’s workout is an 8 mile easy run, followed by 6 x 20 second strides. I think these quick strides are my favorite speed workouts. They are quick and you don’t have to think about keeping a certain pace.

Yesterday I was doing my daily running research (nerd alert), and I found a great article from hobo.run on ways to be a better runner without running. We all know that to run well, you have to run often, but cross training is equally important. The article mentions how the view of how much running should be done has changed over the past 20 years. In the 1970′s through early 1980′s, elite runners trained by running a lot miles and not much else. By the late 1980′s, things changed and the “less is more” trend took effect. As a result, performance of top athletes suffered. Today, coaches and athletes find ways to supplement training for best results. The following we’re found to be especially beneficial:
1. Pool running- I’ve actually heard more people doing this today, especially when dealing with injury.
2. Elliptical- This work well because it mimics running, but it can also add stress to hips and hip flexors.
3. Stationary Bike- Great aerobic benefits!
4. Alterg Treadmill (antigravity treadmill)- I don’t know that many of us actually have access to one these, but its a great idea.
5. Cross country skiing- Cross country skiers have the highest VO2 max results.
6. Lap swimming- Provides great aerobic benefits.
7. Walking- Walking can be a great after a hard workout and preparing your body for its next workout.

If you interested in reading more in depth about the risks and benefits the article can be found here.

All these exercise provide great aerobic benefits to improve running, but don’t forget strength training! It’s equally important! It will help you run better and prevent injuries!

Totally random, but I saw this and love it.

Have a great day!