Long Run Thursday and Recovery Tips

This week’s long run is complete! I had to plan my long run for today, which was 20 miles. I felt really good through the first 15. The last 5 were supposed to be at marathon race pace, but the heat won out on that one today. I was a little off on my pace for the last four miles, but I’m okay with that.

Someone asked me the what my routine was after my long runs, so I thought I’d share some tips on recovery. These are things that I do. I’m in no way a professional, but I have found these things work for me.

1. Once my run is over, I immediately get my chocolate milk. I know I’ve said it over and over, but you need something within the first 30 minutes for optimal recovery.

2. While I’m chugging the chocolate milk, I do some basic stretches. Nothing to intense, just basic calf, quad, and hamstring stretches.

3. Shower. My family probably wishes this was number one. No explanation needed. I just feel salty, sweaty, and gross.

4. Put on the compression gear. You already know how much I love my ProCompression socks. I won’t bore you with the science on why they work. Just put them on, and you will be hooked.

5. Get down on the floor for some deeper stretching and foam rolling.

6. Around this time, I like to have some kind of caffeine. I do have kids that keep me going, so I can’t just check out for the rest of the day. This just gives me a little boost.

7. Now it’s time to eat. Nothing too fancy here. I just use common sense and feed myself what I think I need.

8. If I can, later in the day, I will try to get a 20 or 30 nap. If not, I just try to take it easy.

9. Before going to bed, I will usually use the foam roller or The Stick and work out those muscles again. I’m telling you, that Stick works wonders!

There you have it. I try to tell people it’s not only about getting the miles in, but it’s important to do the maintenance work as well. This will help with muscle soreness, fatigue, and hopefully prevent injury.

Have a great day!