Indianapolis Marathon Recap

If you are looking for a great race, I highly recommend this one! The Indianapolis Marathon is classified as a “mid-size” race, but it has all the feel of a larger race. The course takes place in Fort Benjamin Harrison, and it is beautiful! The scenery along the whole course is spectacular. There is plenty of water and Gatorade stations (almost every mile). I was really impressed at how well this event was presented.

I left Friday afternoon with my mom to Indianpolis. I am not great about leaving home, but I adjusted better than I expected. The hardest thing was organizing 3 kids and figuring out how to have everyone where they needed to be. I felt like I was operating air traffic control.

As far as the race itself, I woke up early Saturday and it was pouring down rain. And cold. Definitely not ideal. I did the best I could to stay dry and warm waiting to line up in the corral, and fortunately it slowed down a little by the time the gun went off.

My goal was 3:40, but secretly I wanted a 3:3x. I knew it was possible based on my training, and halfway through the race, I knew I could do it. I felt really good through the first 22 miles. I started feeling tired around miles 22-24. Mile 25 took everything I had to keep running along. Finally a race official said “a quarter of a mile left”, and I just kicked it into high gear to the finish.
Official finish time : 3:35:09!

I checked in to the results booth for my official time because my Garmin lost signal under some underpasses. To my surprise, the lady informed me I came in first place for my division. I even got a coffee cup.

I’m very pleased with how everything turned out. I felt like I really put in my best effort, and did not give up at any point. I had a great time with my mom. (She was really cold.)

What’s next? I will be running the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon on November 10. I will take a couple of rest days for recovery, and then it’s back to work! I’m looking into different options for more upcoming races.

Have a great Monday!