The Time is Near!

Last night I was watching the Cross Fit games on ESPN. What the crap?! Those women were insane! I was a little bit afraid. They are crazy strong. I’m pretty sure I will never be a Cross Fit person, but it did inspire me to throw a few handstands up against the wall. My kids got a good kick out of that. Okay, on to running stuff…

This week is flying by! At this time, all my runs for this marathon training have been completed! Today I will be organizing life in order to be ready to head to Indianapolis tomorrow. Physically, I feel great. Mentally, I am all over the place. One minute I am excited, the next minute I’m nervous, and then the next I think “what in the world am I doing?” Mostly I am just nervous, but it’s nervous in a good, productive, this is important to me kind of way.

Here are a few things I get nervous about:
1. I worry I will get lost or make a wrong turn on the course. Every time.
2. My shoe will come untied. This did, in fact, happen to me during my first marathon.
3. Tripping during the start. It’s crazy getting across that start line.
4. Running out of steam.
5. Not meeting my goal and feeling disappointed with myself.

When I start dwelling on these, I try to remind myself to just be thankful that I am able to do it at all. I try to keep perspective. After all, this is a hobby, right?

There are a lot of races happening over the next few weeks. Here is some motivation for you.

My personal favorite:

Due to football schedules, the rest of the family is staying home, and my mom will be coming to Indianapolis with me. Although I will miss my cheering squad, I am looking forward to some good quality time with my mom! I will enjoy every minute of the race, but my Saturday will be “run a marathon real quick” and then head straight home to hopefully catch part of Noah’s football game for the state tournament. He knows he is under strict orders to win.

I will share updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook this weekend. Thanks for tuning in this long!